First Post is about the TSA

November 16th, 2010

Welcome to the Dark Rambler Blog, where the world is put into it’s proper perspective!  Todays post is concerning the crisis that is growing over the U.S. Government intrusion into our privicy… meet the T.S.A.

My Liberal/Progressive friends were fond of accusing the Bush Administration of privacy concern after 9/11.  In fact, they may have been justified with some of those concerns… wiretaps without warrants, for example.  But the Obama Administration has not only increased the intrusion into our electronic communication, but they now have moved into areas that makes the government reading emails seem petty.

A special thanks to Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report for keeping the new TSA invasive search procedures on the top of his website.  The new procedures let you choose, if selected for additional levels of searches, either a ‘Naked Body Scanner’ which takes a picture of the traveler under their clothes, or a pat down search that will include the screener touching all parts of the body.  In some cases these searches include going inside of the pants to check for weapons/explosives.  See the story here.

So instead of using profiling of terrorists in a politically correct world, every air traveler is subject to these insane (and some argue illegal) searches.  The abuse stories have already become common knowledge.  Attractive women being pulled for the Nude Body Scanners at a higher rate than anyone else (because we all know that attractive women are a real terrorist threat).  Images from the Nude Body Scanners, which are not supposed to be saved, are already appearing on the Internet.  Opt out of the scan means you must be subject to a invasive pat down search that can include the screener putting his/her hands in your pants!  Refuse the search, and you will miss your flight, be escorted from the airport, and be subject to a $10,000 fine.

And this is in the United States.  Matt Drudge had it right with his headline the other day: The Terrorists have Won!

Williston Airplane Meet

November 14th, 2010

Princess and I were invited to the Williston Airplane Meet at the Williston (FL) Airport on November 13, 2010.  There was an incredible turnout of many aircraft including vintage World War Two era planes.  The weather was perfect and the people very friendly.  A great event with great people.  Thanks to all who coordinated this gathering and also to the great pilots who keep history alive!